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Detia Degesch G.m.b.H. and Novochem Co.Ltd., - as the exclusive distributor of Degesch products in Hungary – would like to support your  activity with new services according to the requirements of  our present age.

In the interest of keeeping  connection with you as our customer and to provide  you with all the up-to-date  information,  we  feel it  by all means necessary to list the products of Detia-Degesch G.m.b.H. on our  website which  has been prepared  in complience with the   Hungarian  licencing requirements and   can  support  your daily work.

Today, Detia Degesch  G.m.b.H. is a leading producer of stored product protectants with a worldwide distribution structure, their products are used in over 120 countries.
Detia Degesch has the product you need, regardless of what your product protection problem is.

We  sell  the following fumigation products of Detia Degesch G.m.b.H.:
 Magtoxin round  tablets
 Magtoxin pellets
 Degesch plate and strip
 Phostoxin  round tablets
 Phostoxin pellets
 Detia Gas Ex-B

Detia Degesch developed products for effective pest control which can be successfuly applied in all enviroments.

 Detia   wax  tablets
 Detia  wax  blocks
 Detia pellet bait
 Detia paste bait
 Detia mini wax sticks
Other products licenced in Hungary:
 Snail granules
 Mole free
 Arvalin LR
In case of any question, please contact :