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The main sales  activity of this branch is in the field of traditional fittings, i.e.:

-Gate valves DN15(1/2”)–DN800 (32”), PN16–PN250, DIN 3352, API602, API600
-Casinghead valves  2 1/16”–7 1/16”, 2000 PSI–15000PSI, API 6A
-Ball valves  DN15(1/2”)–DN1400 (56”), PN16–PN250, DIN, ANSI, API 6A
-Shut-off valves, choke valves, check valves DN15(1/2”)–DN600 (24”), PN16–PN250
-Needle valves  DN15(1/2”)–DN50 (2”), PN16–PN420
-Butterfly valves  DN50(2”)–DN600 (24”), PN16–PN100
-Complete systems against pipe breakage  acc. to API 6A
-Other special fittings (safety valves,  manometers, balance gears, insulating parts)

The above fittings are available in all of technical constructions, with manual,   pneumatic and electrical operation,   with electrical actuators, with flange -,  bolts-,, Wafer. LUG joint, quality of material on special request (cast iron, carbon steel, acid proof, etc.), according to international standards DIN, API, EN

Besides   fittings, the increasing   sale  of pipes  and valve complements has  resulted in our permanent business success  in this field based on a tight connection with foreign companies manufacturing and trading pipes and fittings:  

-steel  pipes DN15–DN800, butt-welded tubes, seamless tubes,                                         with outside and inside coating
-flanges DN15–DN800, seam stub flanges,   blank flanges
-angle pipes, reducing pipes, pipe profiles DN15–DN800

Stocks in value of approx. 100 million HUF are available in our warehouse in Nagykanizsa and in our outplaced warehouses   in above products and in other product groups, such as:

-screws, nuts, threaded shanks
-closed profiles

Norbert Fülöp
Division director 
P: +36-30-399-5952

Distribution of agrochemicals and fittings
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Sole Hungary representation