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Plant protectives, fertilizers

The Agrochemical Division is dealing with the trade and distribution of input products for the agrochemistry.

It covers the demand of producers and end-users for the most part and it satisfies the needs of retailers to a smaller degree.

Our Division is acting via six local offices and warehouses all over Hungary and our well trained colleagues with a special agrochemical knowledge support the activity.

We are offering seeds, plant protectives, fertilizers and different lubricants.

Beside the products of main suppliers we are also dealing with the trade of wheet seeds, hybrid maize seeds, rape and other seeds of smaller producers, and their grains are also included in our product list.

As regards to plant protectives marketed in Hungary our activity includes trading the products of the major European and overseas suppliers, moreover, we are the expert of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, seeddressings and fumigants of nearly all the producers in the world, as well.

Beside the fertilizers from local production and from the neighbouring countries we are also dealing with the trade of nitrate fertilizers, phosphatic and compound fertilizers, bio stimulants and foliar fertilizers of all the producers meeting the requirements of European standards regarding quality, packing and delivery disciplines.

Different lubricants, motor oils as well as brake and speed gear oils produced by MOL necessary for the operation of agricultural machines can be found in our product list.


Nitrate fertilizers
Ammonium Nitrate N 34%
Ammonium Sulphate N 20,5%
Urea N 46%
Calk-Ammonium Nitrate N 27%

Phosphatic fertilizers
Monoammoniumphosphate N 11%, P2O5 52%
Superphosphate P2O5 18%

Potash fertilizers
Potassium Chloride K2O 60%
Potassium Sulphate K2O 50%

PK compound fertilizers
P2O5 (10-13%)
K2O (13-24,5%)
K2O (0-30%)

NPK compound fertilizers
N (0-16%)
P2O5 (5-26%)

Plant protectives

Additives; Algicide; Acaricide; Seeddressing; Molluscicide; Growth retardant; Fumigant; Fungicide; Herbicide; Bioregulator; Defoliants; Drift control agents; Plant growth regulators; Rodenticide; Regulators; Repellents; Insecticide, Nematicide; Soil and Systemic Insecticides; Preservatives

József Poczkodi
Product manager 
P: +36-30-436-6350

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