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Chemical products

The Chemical Division of Novochem deals first of all with the distribution of chemicals.

The export, import, trading in EU and the home distribution are also included in our activity. Wide range of organic and inorganic products can be found in our product list.

We are in connection with hundreds of suppliers and customers all over Europe. The products are stored in our center warehouse of SEVESO top level which is suitable for storing dangerous products, as well. Materials which need special storage are supplied from our rented warehouses. The goods will be delivered in road tankcars, IBC and in barrels.

Special attention is paid to purity of our products, as well as to their safe storage and supply considering the national and international regulations.

Due to our international relationship we are sole distributor of Aerosil and Silane products of the Evonik and Latex materials of Synthomer, special solvents of BASF and paints and coatings of Harold Scholz.

Main fields of application:

  Car industry
  Leather industry
  Food industry
  Building industry
  Metal industry, foundry
  Pharmaceutical industry
  Household and cosmetic industry
  Environmental management
  Lacquer, paint and printing industry
  Printing industry
  Oil and gas industry
  Paper industry
  Feed industry
  Textile, carpet industry
  Glass industry

Tamás Laknerfy
Division director 
P: +36-30-439-6446

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