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Dear Partners,

With its previous legal successors, the Division for Fittings of Novochem Co.Ltd., dates back to approx. 70 years and serves its partners with headquarter in Nagykanizsa.
The MOL owned division operated as its material supplier during several ten years, and as from 2004 it has been acting as the independent strategic division of Novochem Co.Ltd., to the greatest satisfaction of the customers.

With its activity the division is present in the Hungarian oil- and gas industry, as well as in the field of energetics, building fittings, watertreatment and chemical industry.

Our sole agency agreement concluded for trading nuclear fittings enables us to sell to nuclear plants, too.

We have consignement stocks in the premises of MOL/Petrolszolg, in the MOL refineries and in the refinery of Slovnaft in Slovakia.

We are successful also in different public procurements not only in fittings but also in other product groups.



Mol Nyrt.,
Slovnaft AS,
Petrolszolg Co.Ltd.,
TVK Nyrt.,
FGSZ Zrt.,
Paks Atomic Plant,
and several prime contractors

Our ISO qualification, references, professional knowledge, support by the producers and flexible business attitude to our customers satisfying their demands enable our successful operation.

Our young, dynamical and professional team is always at your disposal !

Please contact us via any of our availabilities, take the chance, it is a case of now or never!

Norbert Fülöp
Division director 
P: +36-30-399-5952

ISO 9001:2008
Distribution of agrochemicals and fittings